Friday, July 9, 2010

DIY Foot Scrub

I’m a huge fan of scrubs. I guess I feel a little too weird about a stranger handling my feet. Or maybe because I’ve had a bad experience with foot scrubs at the David’s Salon near our place many years ago. After that, I opted to just buy DIY treatments, anyway, we have that massaging foot tub at home similar to the ones they use at the salons.

Over the years, I’ve tried different brands of foot scrubs, both local and imported. This is the brand that I’m using now:
caronia renewing foot scrub in green tea scent, by bitsandtreats Caronia Renewing Foot Scrub

I’m pretty sure this is not a new product as I’ve already tried this years ago. I guess they just repackaged and re-marketed the brand. The formula is also better.

The green tea scent is great. It calms my nerves. The minty feeling is very good for my tired feet. The beads are just the right size. They don’t hurt nor do they tickle even when I scrub really hard using a pumice stone.
caronia renewing foot scrub in green tea scent back, by bitsandtreats
The directions on the back suggest to use the scrub for the hands too. I do this when I remember to. I must warn you though that the minty feeling lasts for a few minutes. It feels like putting Katinko or Efficascent Oil on your feet (and hands).

I use this twice a week and my feet are now free from dead skin cells and cracked heels. Just be sure to put lotion or body butter on your feet before you sleep for maximum effect. I also do that when I remember to or when MB massages my feet.

And to cap off this week’s theme, here’s a photo of my new haircut:
Lady E new haircut
Photo taken using my laptop cam. I have no makeup here! Eeep!

I used to sport long, curly hair but the curls are not nice anymore and my hair is too long already so I decided to have a haircut last weekend. I terribly miss my curly hair though. I’m too lazy to comb that’s why I had my hair digitally permed a few years ago and have maintained that look.
Lady E new haircut 2
I’ll probably get a perm again in a couple of weeks because I really can’t stand combing/fixing my hair every now and then.

So, if you’re stressed out this week, I suggest you head to your favorite salon tomorrow!

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