Thursday, July 8, 2010

Calming Colors

It’s Thursday! Surviving the week so far? Well, we have to right? For me, shopping is a very good motivation that’s why I try to drag myself out of bed every morning and just think about all the beautiful things that I can buy with the day’s salary. Boy, if you’ve got an auto immune disease, waking up in the morning can be quite a struggle.

Anyway, to keep you sane (and pretty!) may I suggest these colors to brighten up your mood:
caronia nail polish in bliss and mint frost, by bitsandtreats Caronia Nail Polish in Bliss and Mint Frost
Even the names are very appropriate, don’t you think? If you like Caronia Nail Polish, I suggest you buy them anywhere else but SM or Watsons. One bottle costs Php32 at Beauty by SM whereas at Landmark, it only costs Php24.75. That’s a huge difference, enough for a jeepney fare!

Hope you ladies are having a slammin’ week. One more day to go!


  1. I may have to pay a visit to Landmark next time, lucky for me that my off now is on weekends I can definitely have time to go lamierda, haha. And I also noticed, most things in Landmark are cheaper too! Thanks for this post.

  2. Ay true! Landmark's stuff really is cheaper. Eto pa isang tip. Buy your fresh meat and seafood at SM. They're cheaper and fresher but all the rest, it's cheaper at Landmark. Sometimes by 5 to 10 pesos. When you're on a tight budget, that counts a lot, di ba?

  3. I also have blue nail polish on ATM. :3



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