Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Becoming Ageless

Wouldn’t it be nice if people stopped ageing when they’ve reached their best appearance? Well, until someone finds the Fountain of Youth or everybody turns into a Cullen then beauty products would have to do. One such product line that promises an ageless beauty is Eskinol Ageless.

eskinol ageless toner, by bitsandtreatsEskinol Ageless Toner

I was drawn to the container that looked like a mini missile. = ) The actual bottle really looks nice. The power of packaging at its best.

The Eskinol Ageless Toner promises to help reduce fine lines and visible signs of ageing. It also deep cleanses and prepares the skin for the day or night creams (which I reviewed) in the same line. Lastly, it minimizes pores and helps firm skin.

First time I used this, I instantly felt my face tighten. It also cleanses nicely. I can’t really say that the fine lines disappeared but my skin improved a little after using this for 2 weeks. After that, my face broke out into very itchy rashes which eventually turned into pimples. Yikes!

So I stopped but I still had about half a bottle left and so I used it on my stretch marks. Yeah, I’m weird like that and kuripot too. Heck, it promises to help firm skin so why not right? I don’t have anything to lose anyway. Did it work? It’s still actually working. The skin on my thighs have firmed up. (Plus I use another product that complements the effects of the Eskinol Ageless Toner). I’m almost through with this bottle and I’m quite happy with the results. Maybe I’ll buy one for mom because I wouldn’t repurchase for myself.

One 50mL bottle costs Php69.75 at Watsons and Beauty by SM.

How about you girls? What’s your favorite toner?

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