Monday, July 26, 2010

What a way to start the week!

 Without further ado, let me present my completed Project 30-Pan:

project 30 panProject 30-Pan 

I survived about 1-2 months without buying anything new, just the everyday essentials. My Project Pan works a little different. You see, I hoard products. If I like something, I buy it. If it works, I’ll buy about 5 more in one go. I have several products at home that are waiting to be opened and tested. I do a Project Pan to limit my hoarding and at the same time, be able to use the products before they spoil or something. It also controls the budget. = ) I don’t pick out products to empty. I just use products until I reach the desired number of pans, in this case 30, before buying new stuff again.

Here are my finished products:
TFS Hand Lotion
3 Monea Curling Lotion
2 Grape Bella Body Wash
2 Grape Bella Body Scrub
Nivea Happy Time Lotion
Nivea Q10 Firming Lotion
Human Heart Nature Strengthening Shampoo
Eskinol Calamansi Toner
Celeteque Toner
2 Holy Seat
GenTeal Eye Drops
Nivea Angel Star Body Souffle
J&J Calming Oil
Caronia Nail Polish Remover
J&J Lavender Powder
Garnier Moisturizer
TFS Clear Polish
TFS Red Polish (it actually dried up)
Human Heart Nature Body Butter
Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara
Nichido Final Powder
TFS Lipstick
Avon Lipstick
Ellana Brush Cleanser
Dove Go Fresh Body Wash

So does this mean I’ll be buying skin care and makeup soon? Hmm.. Probably not. You see, my first love is fashion. I’ve been addicted to clothes, shoes and accessories since I was a little girl. I got it from my grandma and mom but I guess I’m the worst shopaholic among the three. When we had very little money and had to skimp, I stopped buying clothes. I was contented with looking at magazines filled with beautiful clothes. My wardrobe consisted of jeans and shirts whereas when I was a teenager, I had skirts, dresses and beautiful tops from reputable brands. I had new clothes almost everyday. I had more than 30 pairs of shoes, more than 20 bags and an accessories organizer filled to the brim. I had to sell some of my stuff to be able to buy food. Well, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

When I started working, my closet was filled with boring corporate attire. You have to admit that it’s only recently that designers amped up their game. Now I’m thankful that we are not required to don a corporate attire except when we are meeting clients. We are allowed to wear “smart”, casual clothes everyday. I think the shirt and jeans girl in me stuck and it’s only about 2 weeks ago that I had a reality check. I wanted my old wardrobe back! The feeling was so intense that I kept dreaming about it. I had to do something to update my wardrobe. The only thing stopping me was budget. I actually didn’t have money to buy clothes! When I checked my budget, I realized that I’ve been spending more on beauty stuff. I did an inventory and I decided I needed to stop for a while. I still have enough to last me a few weeks.

I will still buy beauty stuff but now I’m challenging myself to use what I have to their full capacity. I go crazy over shopping but I make sure that I still have enough in the bank for a rainy day. I don’t want to become one of those women who have makeup to last them 2 lifetimes. 

So yes, I will still buy cosmetics but hoarding is not allowed anymore and I will fix my budget so that I can buy clothes, shoes, accessories every now and then. There must be a balance in my life and this is just one of those things that need it badly.

What’s your shopping story?


  1. congrats for the success of your project pan project...

    i'll post the items that i've got from you soon.. i'm very busy eh :(


  2. yay ang galing (^_^) have to start my project pan too (^_^)

  3. Thanks Rhain! You should, it's very fulfilling.

  4. Congrats! :) Wow, you have impressive discipline ha. i don't think i can manage to do that! 30 items?! hehe. - Trace

  5. congrats to the Pan Police...he's doing his job pretty well...

  6. Trace, I need to be disciplined otherwise super sira ang budget! haha! I just can't seem to stop whenever I'm at Watsons!

  7. I'm always buying make-up and skincare products, I just love them. I have a box full of back-ups as well! Following!

  8. Hmm, I seemed to miss this post of yours, now ko lang nakita.

    Anyways, I have the same dilemma too, I overspend sometimes and BF complains about it, haha. But seriously, I am really struggling to discipline myself now when it comes to buying make-up. I think I have more make-up than clothes, I'm not really a fashionista but I do need to buy new clothes for office wear too. >.<

  9. @Kitten. After this Project Pan I've curbed my appetite for makeup a little bit. I haven't bought makeup since this post because I badly need clothes!



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