Monday, July 5, 2010

Sample: Avon Anew 360

First of all, this sample doesn’t have enough for you to really test it. When applied on the face and neck, it will only last for about 2-3 uses. That’s really not enough time to gauge the effectiveness of this whitening product.
avon anew 360, by bitsandtreatsI tried this on my face and in only 5 seconds, my face broke out into large, very itchy rashes. I had to wash my face again just to get rid of the itchiness. Sadly, the rashes stayed on for days.
The rest of the product I tried on my elbows and knees to no effect, of course. The sample amount was too little. I got this from Cosmo magazine and it came with a 10% discount voucher. So I guess you know that I won’t be using it. 

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