Friday, July 2, 2010

Cheap Chica Finds

I got these 2 weeks ago and just didn't have the time to take photos of them.

Herbench Cream Wallet and Tapestry Print Notebook from National

The notebook is not exactly cheap at Php389. Hey, it's no Moleskine but it suits me just fine. I like that it's hardbound and it has an elastic to keep it closed at all times. That's important for me because I have a very cluttered bag and I don't use a bag organizer. It also has a pocket on the back cover so you can put receipts, small notes, etc. I bought a notebook because my eyp organizer died on me. I didn't buy any of those fancy organizers back in January because I already had one which I got for free. It was a very simple organizer but it was just not made well. The pages came loose and so I had no choice but to get a notebook.

I chose a notebook because I don't really need the dates. I use this notebook for budgeting, jotting down important things, listing the things that I need and want to buy and so on. So, I really don't need the dates as I only write the dates on the important entries. 

I'm such a sucker for tapestry prints

Here's the wallet:

I put my lunch/grocery money on the top side for budgeting purposes

I wanted to show you the other side but Blogger won't allow me to. I'm really getting fed up with this issue. Anyway, I put my other bills on the other side, my ID and some cards. If you've noticed, only the Celeteque card is in the card slot. That's because it's the only card that can fit in the slot. That's the only thing that I don't like about this wallet - the card slots are useless. But it's okay because I have a separate card case for credit cards and other membership cards. 

I used to shy away from this type of wallet because I was so ever loyal to a checkbook type wallet until Migraine Boy convinced me to try this. I immediately fell in love on my first use! It's just so convenient especially when you're in line at the cashier and she gives you tons of change in bills and coins and you have several people waiting at your back. I just dump everything inside and just fix them later. It also saves me space because my coins fit right into the zippered part. Before, I used to bring a coin purse, a wallet and my card case so imagine the hassle that I go through putting the coins in the coin purse, putting the bills in the wallet and then putting the cards in the card case. It was absolutely crazy! Add to that, the checker who keeps nudging your purchases in your face while you fumble to organize things. Now, there's just the wallet and the card case. I just dump everything including the card inside this wallet then I'm good to go. I finish the same time as the checker. 

This wallet costs P249.75 and I got it at Bench G5. It's also available in black. I'm really very happy with these purchases!

How about you? What's your cheap chica find this week?



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