Monday, July 12, 2010

How Do You Kick Start a New Week?

I've been out of commission for the past few days because I had a terrible, hectic, exhausting weekend. I lost 6 cats to the flu virus. Apparently, this type of virus is deadly to cats. But it's really funny that the virus can be killed by regular household bleach. I had to file for under time last Thursday afternoon to help my mom control the flu in my kitty colony. I filed for leave on Friday because almost half the population was sick. Add to that, MB was suffering from migraines so early in the morning and had to skip work. So it was just me and my mom fighting this awful virus. 

We took care of our cats almost round the clock. As soon as we finish giving meds, I'm already in the kitchen busy preparing their next meal. It was a whirlwind of food, syringes, meds, vitamin C, milk, Lightwater and Hydrite. Not to mention Lysol and Zonrox every few hours. 

Some might think that this is a little bit exaggerated but I think one can never understand the devotion and love an owner has to their pets until one actually takes care of a pet. It doesn't matter if it's a dog or a cat as long as it's something that interacts, that has a high intellect. Nope, fish are not included in the list. 

Yesterday, one of my cats had a miscarriage. That's also because of the flu. She's okay now. On the other hand, I have this darling of a cat aptly named Chanel who had the virus and we fought really hard to make her feel better. I'm glad to say that she's okay now. She wouldn't eat but it only took some chicken soup to whet her appetite. Chicken soup! Why didn't I think of that earlier? It works for humans so now I know that it works for cats as well. I said Chanel was a darling because every time she would see me, she would lie on my feet and hug and kiss them. She would even stop eating just so she can nudge her forehead and face on my feet. She's that sweet.  I have 3 cats like that and I'm glad that they're all okay. 

We really thought that everything's going to be okay by Sunday but yesterday morning I had migraines! I'm surprised because I haven't had a full blown migraine attack for like 10 years now! And I had 2 bouts! It happened again in the afternoon. Then last night, while we were eating dinner, MB had a migraine attack again! So I did all the cooking and the chores last night. I rested early thinking I had to wake up at 5:30 am the next day to prepare breakfast for us and the kitties but lo and behold, I woke up around 3 am because my legs were numb. Woke up again at 4 because my arm was also paralyzed. Then again at 5 to find out that my back was aching like crazy. By 6 am, both my arms were already numb, hard and paralyzed. I couldn't move. So you guessed it, I'm in bed again. I think all the pressure and hard work during the last 3 days finally took a toll on me. It's really very bad for a person with an autoimmune disease to get tired. That's when the illness takes advantage of you. I was only able to move my fingers at 9:30 this morning and took sheer will to be able to do so because I wanted to check on the cats. I forgot to tell mom last night where I put their food and also forgot to tell MB that I already packed our baon. So MB left this morning without breakfast and baon and even left me money and texted to just order breakfast. And he had very little money left. Isn't that sweet? I didn't order in because we already have food in the ref. I just waited for my legs to fully recover and I went down to get some breakfast, at 10:30 am. Sheesh. Talk about a horrible weekend.

And did I mention that my phone had some problems? I wasn't able to receive messages for 3 days and I only knew about it when people started calling me up asking why I'm not answering to their texts.

So now, I ask you dear friends and readers, how do you kick start a new week after that?


  1. Hi there, oh my goodness, that has been a whirlwind of events, so sorry for your loss T_T
    I guess it wasn't your week last week, no wonder why you've been missing in action. I do hope and pray that you're well now.

    If I lost my cats, it would take a while for me to recover, i dunno, seeing or hearing our pet companions die really affects me.

  2. That was awful! 6 cats passing away? I would be terribly devastated. Hope all of you are okay now.

  3. Yes, we are. Thanks Salmoncat! The thing is, I've been taking care of multiple cats over the years and losing a cat is really devastating but I think I got used to it already. I just take refuge in the fact that they will be with their brothers and sisters. All my cats are related so they're really a big family. I try not to cry but it's really hard especially since two of the cats have been with me for several years already. I still cry but not as much as before. And I think having multiple cats helps a lot because I still have cats to take care of and it kicks me out of the blues.

  4. @Kitten. Blogger was having problems last night and I couldn't publish your comment. Thank you for being the first to cheer me up. You better take care of your cats as it's flu season for them. My officemates' cats all have colds.

  5. Oh, and the pharmacy in our neighborhood ran out of antibiotics. Apparently, one of our neighbors has 115 cats! All strays! They pick them up on the streets and take care of them. They must have a huge house...My sister had to go to Cash and Carry and buy meds from the Generics Pharmacy. When they asked her what it's for, she told them that it's for our cats and that our neighborhood pharma ran out of antibiotics because the neighbor with 115 cats hoarded. They all laughed and gave my sister the meds. Di ba, you can't buy meds without a prescription. haha!

  6. I see, it's okay, was just worried about you.I will take note of that, thankfully their fine for now, will have to check them when I get home later.

    115 cats? that's like my dream, haha. But BF tells me that we need a big house for that and it's not feasible for us. hehe. What kind of medicine do you buy for a cats flu and how much? just in case. Thanks for telling me, appreciate it much. Hahaha, true true, you can't buy meds without a prescription.

  7. Just regular antibiotics for kids. I think the name is Axmel. It costs only P45 at the generics pharmacy in Cash & Carry but in other places, it costs P75. Don't buy from Mercury. Masungit sila dun. I used to bring my cats to the vet but the vet would charge an obscene amount for his services and he would always say 'patulugin na lang yan' which I really hate so I just researched and found out what works for them. So far this works for them. And non-acidic vitamin c works like wonders i.e. vit-cee, bewell-C, fern C. i had a cat who had a skin infection all over and he lost all his fur, we gave him fern C 3x a day and he recovered! and his fur was even healthier.



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