Friday, July 30, 2010

Forever 21… Finally!

I was finally able to visit Forever 21 last weekend. It was overwhelming. I felt “sawa” afterwards. We went there early but there were still lots and lots of people. Nakakainis  because they have a lot of counters but only 2 were open so the line was really long. (Hello, F21 Management! Please do something about this! Don’t boast of numerous cashier stations when you’re only going to man 2!) Good thing I got there earlier. About 5 minutes of waiting, I looked back and saw an awfully long line forming!

Anyway, I got a few clothes and accessories. Here are the earrings that I bought:

forever 21 earrings, by bitsandtreats
Forever 21 earrings 
The silver one was broken when I got home. Good thing I have tools so I was able to fix it

I didn’t get any necklaces because as you may know, I can make bead necklaces. I only buy jewelry which I know I can’t make because I don’t have access to the materials. I sure hope we get more suppliers here. By the way, if you know any bead, pendants, jewelry materials supplier, please let me know. I’m itching to make new  pieces but I’m just too bored with my materials at home.

Price range of the above is Php178.50 - Php328.50. It’s still cheaper online but you still have to pay for shipping so I guess that's fair.

I have mixed feelings about our local Forever21. I didn’t quite enjoy shopping there because it was a fashion overload and I didn’t see the things that I wanted to buy. But, here’s what I did to avoid spending too much time in the boutique.

First, I surveyed everything, from the entrance down to the back. I took a mental note of the things I like. I could have put them immediately in the tote but I didn’t because I might go crazy and go over budget. For example, I spotted a skirt that I liked but found a better one at the back. Had I gotten the first skirt and saw the second one, I would have been torn between the two and ended up buying both then felt guilty about it afterwards.

Decide on all the pieces that you want to fit then head to the dressing rooms and fit, fit, fit! It’s not fun to wait in line. They allow you to bring several pieces with you. They just put a number on the door saying how many pieces you’re bringing inside.

I’m proud to say that out of the several pieces I took to the fitting room, I only ended up giving back 2 because one was too big and the other one was too short. All the other purchases fit well. I was right on budget as I calculated everything while I was in the dressing room. I was actually surprised because I was about Php700 less than the original budget. Savings for me, yay!

When you’ve got your pieces, head to the cashier and do not look back, that is, if you’re on a budget. And ladies, please don’t, and I repeat, DON’T take your boyfriends with you. They will go crazy over the chaos and girls (and gheys) walking around. MB didn’t last and said he’d go out to pay the bills. And MB is usually very patient with my shopping habits. Or probably he was just in a foul mood that day.

It was a weird experience, falling in line with old ladies (we’re talking 60 and above here, girls) with big, bright flowers in their hair and toting neon pink, ruffled one shoulder (arm?) blouses. Oh. my. gosh…

All in all, it was a 50/50 experience for me. Will I shop there again? Maybe yes, maybe no. I’m going out with my best friend one of these days and we’re going there because she hasn’t been inside yet. I’m 70% sure I won’t be purchasing anything because I’m saving up for something(s) else.

I’ll show you the clothes I bought soon.

What’s your Forever 21 experience?


  1. Nice earrings haul. Haven't been there yet though, so can't tell. But I think when you go there on a weekday like around 4, there's a little percent chance that people aren't that many in the store. My friend and I passed by the store.

    Hahaha, that's funny how we women try so HARD to stick to the budget when it comes to shopping, I do the same thing too. XD

  2. hi, im from iloilo and will be visiting manila soon. before deciding to just purchase f21 items online, i decided to just wait till i get to manila to check on the items personally.. :) anong oras kaya sila bumubukas?:)

  3. Hi Anonymous! Megamall opens at 10 am. If you're going on a Saturday, I suggest you go early as it's always crowded in F21. The lines are also terrible during Saturdays. Have fun!



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