Friday, July 16, 2010

Eyebrows Are A Serious Subject

Even in beauty school, the students admit that perfecting the eyebrows is one of the hardest lessons to learn. About more than a decade ago, I read an interview with Myrza Sison in one of the local magazines. She said that when she does interviews, she immediately looks at the eyebrows. If they’re not groomed, then she doesn’t bother with the interviewee anymore. She says how can a person take care of her job when she couldn’t even take care of her brows? Of course in their world, this applies a lot. In other parts of the corporate world, not only do your looks matter but more importantly, your brains.

Myrza’s statement made an impact in my life. From then on, not only did I pay special attention to my brows but to the rest of my appearance as well. After all, it was only a matter of years (back then) when it would be my turn to be the interviewee. And looks, as we all know, can be powerful especially when applying for a job.

I never learned how to use eyebrow pencils so over the years I just groomed my eyebrows using an eyebrow razor or tweezers. Now, I’m thankful that cosmetics companies are producing eyebrow powders. Since I was scared to try this out, I picked out a set that has 4 shades just to be sure.

fanny serrano eyebrow powder, by bitsandtreatsFanny Serrano Eyebrow Powder

I am amused with the Fanny Serrano Eyebrow Powder packaging because it’s like Chanel. Sometimes it’s really funny when local brands imitate the imported brands’ packaging then fail to deliver with the product itself. I’m just glad that the FS line has good quality, what with all of Fanny Serrano’s years of experience in the industry. I’ve seen him in the Makeup and Cosmetics Fair at the World Trade a few months ago and he’s very nice, obliging to photo ops and very willing to learn new tricks of the trade. He was one of the judges in the makeup competition and he was proud to say that he was learning a lot of techniques from the newbies.

fanny serrano eyebrow powder palette, by bitsandtreats     
There are 4 shades in this palette and 2 useless applicators, as usual. Here are the swatches:

fanny serrano eyebrow powder swatches, by bitsandtreats

I use the 2 lightest shades on the right of the palette. I use the darker one at the end of my brows, a little bit over the arch. The eyebrows should be darkest at the ends.

Staying power is great. It lasts the whole day after I set it with a clear mascara. Pigmentation, as you can see, is also good. I tap the brush after I swipe it on the powder as there’s a lot of excess that sticks to the brush that falls on my face. I’ve experienced no itching or rashes in the month that I’ve been using this. This product is made in Taiwan. The palette costs Php350 at Beauty by SM.

Do you have a favorite brand of eyebrow powder? Spill! I wanna know! 


  1. So far the elf studio for eyebrow is pretty good, but I'm open to other options such as powder. I'm not into eyebrow pencils either.

  2. That's the dual powder no? How much is that?

  3. Interesting ha! I just use MAC Espresso for my brows, but this palette looks nice as an alternative. :)

  4. Hmmm... I might look into this. I need a good brown powder. :)Thanks for sharing E.

  5. You're welcome Sugar! Regarding your site, something keeps crashing that's why I can't access it. I tried opening it in other browsers but they still crashed. Buti na lang I was able to read your posts but it crashes as soon as I finish one post so I had to re-open every time.

  6. I think I bought it for around P200+ not more than 250.

    Also, there is something wrong with Sugar's site, virus maybe?

  7. Thanks Kitten! I'll try that one of these days. I think one of her plug-ins keeps crashing. Or one of the widgets.

  8. Sure, I read a review of in2it's brow powder, that's the one i'll be buying soon. I prefer the powder from the gel type coz it makes it look a lil bit oilier.

    Prolly so, it happens only everytime I check her site :(

  9. Which is better? This one or in2it brow powder?

  10. Will try this one after finishing my fashion21 eyebrow duo set :)

    sugar's site has some plug-in errors i think.. everytime i checked her site "a script error" keeps on appearing :)


  11. Hi Michelle! I really can't tell because I haven't tried in2it's eyebrow powder yet. Ladies, has any one tried the in2it eyebrow powder yet? Please help out.

    I've read several reviews on the in2it powder and they were good naman so I guess it's safe to buy. I'm going to purchase one soon and post a review here to give you my honest to goodness review. Thank you for your comment Michelle!

  12. I'm using in2it eyebrow powder and I really like it. The staying power is also good and its only 299 for 3 shades. Love it!

  13. Hi Maly! Thanks for visiting my blog! Thank you for your comment. I'm definitely buying this one after I finish my set. = )



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