Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cheap Chica Find: Soft Hands for Only 15 Pesos?

Does that sound like a commercial or what? I know most of you are already familiar with this product but allow me to feature it here as I was amazed when I saw this on my officemate’s table about a few months ago.

vaseline total moisture nourishing lotion, by bitsandtreats Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing Lotion

Imagine, Vaseline can afford to offer a product worth Php15?! And with a nice packaging at that. It kinda makes you wonder how much they’re really earning with one bottle of lotion.

So anyway, this is the original lotion. It still retains the original scent which I’m not crazy about. I totally hated this lotion when I was a kid. I didn’t like it when my mom would slather this on her legs and arms because I didn’t like the smell and it was so sticky.

Fast forward to a couple of decades, give or take, and I find myself buying this product. It comes in 2 variants. The other one is the whitening lotion. I don’t like that so I purchased this one. This is totally for my hands and feet. I’m not putting this on my legs or arms No way!

In spite of the smell, I actually like this product. It does a good job of nourishing my hands. MB uses this to massage my hands. I almost want to put gloves on so that I can wake up with extra soft and smooth hands but I’d probably get annoyed doing that. I don’t like wearing socks and gloves when I sleep no matter how cold it is. Mom and MB find it very difficult during the cold season when I refuse to cover up come sleeping time. The cold weather is very bad for my body and a blanket just wouldn’t suffice.

I think this lotion will be especially useful when it gets cold. It’s a nice way to keep your hands and feet moisturized. It’s also non-sticky so you can go back to your regular work/chores after it has been absorbed by your skin. Since I only put this on my hands, I’ve had no allergic reactions whatsoever.

Will I repurchase? That depends. There are still a few more hand lotions out there that I want to try.


  1. I noticed more your pink zen mp3 player (behind), love it! hehehe.

  2. yeah! I'm old school like that. I refuse to buy mp4's, ipods and the like because my zen still functions well.

  3. Yup, used to have that kind of mp3 player, but my sister lost it. Same here too, at least it's pink. How much did you buy it for?

  4. I think it' Php1200. The pink speakers are only, guess what!! Php150! At Anson's The Link. Nice no? and it folds up into a cube for easy storage and packing. Problem is, it needs 4 AAA's to work pero if the batt is energizer, okay naman.It lasts for a long time naman.

  5. not bad, ilang gb? no waaaay!! thats cheap, ansons the new building near landmark? pwede naman rechargeable battries?

  6. 1 gig lang ata. I can't remember na e. It's sooo old. Yes, Anson's in front of landmark. Yeah, pwede rechargeable batts. = )

  7. I see, I'll take that into consideration in my wish list, or wink at BF, haha. Thanks so much!

  8. I should get one. :3 Thank you so much E! I'm too lazy to put on lotion but I think I should force myself because I'm not getting any younger. LOL!



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