Monday, September 21, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 17

I'm sorry I've been in and out of this blog. I'm having a hard time finding a regular writing schedule as my son keeps me sooooo busy. I will finish this series though, so don't worry.

Today's products are these Nivea Lip Butters

I really like these lip butters. I swore never to buy these tinned lip balms again as I don't find them hygienic. However, I couldn't resist these Nivea ones. I use a Q-tip to get the product and apply it on my lips. 

Another great use for this product is as a lip scrub. I apply a generous amount on my lips and wait for about 30 seconds and scrub the dry skin off with a tissue. I then apply another layer before applying lipstick. 

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