Wednesday, September 23, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 19

I am really loving these Cutex nail polish. First, they are inexpensive compared to OPI, China Glaze, etc. Second, they don't contain those harmful ingredients that you normally find in nail polish. Third, the colors are really vibrant! I can "dress up/down" my nails depending on my mood. 

These colors are from the Gel-lified Collection. The turquoise one is GEL-ly Bean and the other one is Jam & GEL-ly. Here it is on my nails. 

Really love this lavender color. It lasted about 2 days on my nails before it chipped. I do a lot of chores so that probably affects the staying power of the nail polish. I still love them though. I hope they can have more colors at Watsons. Do you know if this brand is available in Landmark? I haven't checked yet. 

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