Thursday, September 3, 2009


I got a free sample of Vitress Hair Shine (??) in my September issue of Cosmo. That's not it. That's the August ish. I've seen this many times at Watson's. Also wanting to try it many times already but kept procrastinating to buy. I was finally able to try it yesterday thanks to the free sample. The liquid is thick. It's not like oil at all. Oh! It's like the Ilog Maria massage oil! I made the mistake of putting so much on my palm. I thought it was thin like Loreal's. The amount was as big as a P5 coin. I have long curly hair.I massaged it into my curly locks and left the house. A few hours in the office, I checked out my hair. Hmmm.. Not too shiny but not dull either. So, overall it's ok. I am pretty certain that this is cheaper than a bottle of Loreal Elseve Nutri-Gloss. That's what I used for a month. Free sample too! Man, I love samples! Also from Cosmo. Did I mention that I love Cosmo?

Vitress also kept my rebel strands in place but I think my hair was not as soft as usual. Maybe I put too much.

I will buy a bottle of Vitress and try it out for a few weeks more. If it doesn't convince me then I'll buy Elseve. I'll keep you posted.

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