Saturday, September 5, 2009

Must-Haves In My Bag

Here are some things that are essential in my weekday bag:

Bench Alcogel with Vitamin E
A (H1N1) scare! Of course this is a must-have! Just make sure that your hand sanitizer has vitamin E otherwise your hands will dry up.

Antibacterial Wet Wipes
I used to have the regular wet wipes until I saw this. I gave it a try. It's unscented. It dries up fast. It has 30 sheets so I guess that will pose a problem. Sayang! But this only comes in a 30-sheet pack plus it's cheap at P59.75. It's also handy when your boyfriend sometimes eats like a 2-year old...

The Face Shop Hand Lotion
I love this lotion! My hands are rough because I'm OC. I keep washing my hands every now and then so the lotion is really a "hand saver". This is P300+. I've been using this for a year now I think, but I've only used half. Sulit! I will definitely repurchase!

My regular mints are Mentos. I just ran out that's why I have Halls in the picture. So important for me. I always have a pack of mints in my bag. It also helps alleviate my craving for chocolate after lunch. Instead of munching on chocolate, I chew 2 mentos balls.

Charmee Feminine Wipes
My gynecologist says that using panty liners causes infections. This works like a "charm" for me. It comes in 2 variants - the pink one which is the regular and the green one which has eucalyptus (?) for a minty clean feel. I alternate between the two.

Oil Control Paper
Because of Celeteque, I no longer have to retouch as often as before. I only use this for the oily spots on my face. It's great because I am able to let my skin breathe while in the office. Bought this at Watson's.

The Face Shop Lipstick
I can only use a few make up brands and The Face Shop make up makes it to my list. You should always have a pucker pick me up just in case you're not able to retouch your make up. Lipstick goes a long way. Blot oily spots on your face then swipe some lipstick then you're all set. My cousin, when she was 10, used to say, "my teacher says not to put make up in public places." Having these two help you prettify discreetly.

Tissue - not in the pic
Every girl should have this in her purse. My gay college bio professor gets grossed out whenever he asks my classmates for tissue and they say they don't have any. He says every girl should always have tissue! You know what I mean right?

How about you? What are your bag essentials?

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