Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My VS Package Has Arrived!

My VS package was supposed to arrive last August 20. I don't know what happened but Victoria's Secret was kind enough to replace the package without charge! I wanted to request a replacement but this time I wanted it to be delivered to Johnny Air Cargo in New York. Then JAC will be the one to bring it here. I got these two on a free shipping offer. If I would ask for a replacement then I'd have to pay shipping to JAC. Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma... So, I decided to wait for payday but lo and behold! A card from the local post office was sitting on my desk when I got home yesterday. So now I have my package free of any extra charges!

That's a basic crewneck shirt in plum. only $10. The other one is an olive sleeveless top with eyelet details, $9.99. I don't like the olive top so much as it's too wide for a size small. Or maybe it's supposed to look like that. Anyway, I'll get to fit it tonight and see.

It feels so good to be (like) shopping on a weekday while you're stuck in the office right?

The picture is taken with my Nokia phone. Only 2 MP. To buy Victoria's Secret or to just simply 'browse shop', visit their site at

They have excellent customer service, very friendly and helpful customer support staff.

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