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Savvy Tips on Surviving The Rain

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Doesn't it bother you when it rains in the morning and you're on your way to work? Yes, I'm talking to girls who commute. Girls who ride the jeepney, bus, tricycle, what have you to work. It's soooooo frustrating especially when you've already chosen and ironed your outfit the night before. All of a sudden you have to change your entire look because it's not weather (and commuting in the rain) appropriate.

Now why did I type this on all caps? Because I still see women on the streets running to safety because they don't have an umbrella even when it already started to rain at 5 am! So what's your excuse? The umbrella's too heavy, it clashes with my outfit, it's too tacky to bring an umbrella, yadda, yadda, yadda. Well guess what, you'll look tackier when you step inside your office looking like a drenched cat. There are a lot of light weight, foldable umbrellas out there and they're cheap too. I bought one at Mini Stop. It's a pink foldable umbrella and costs only P100. It served its purpose for a few months. It finally broke yesterday. But not bad for an emergency umbrella that costs a hundred bucks right? Oh, and no. I didn't forget to bring an umbrella that time. The one I had also broke because of strong winds thus I had to buy a new one at Mini Stop.

There are also a lot of designs and colors to choose from. Remember that P99 clear umbrella from Mini Stop that was so Sex and the City? Bringing an umbrella can be so fasyon you know. Take for example the umbrellas from The pagoda umbrellas are really beautiful. They're just a bit pricy though. And no, this isn't a paid advertisement for them.

So please, first rule of thumb, avoid looking like you just stepped out of the showers in your office attire.

2. Wear a skirt
I know that sounds crazy but it works for me. Whenever it's raining, I wear a skirt to work. Not the flowy ones otherwise you might end up flashing somebody. Wear a denim skirt or an office skirt. You'll only get your feet and legs wet which you can wipe easily. Pants on the other hand take a long time to dry up.

Because of the cold, I can't stand wearing a skirt in the office. It makes my knees and legs hurt. So what I do is I bring a pair of pants. That's not too bad. Put it in an eco tote or a bag that you can sling on your shoulder so that you'll still have one free hand. (Remember, you should always have a free hand. That's what my mom tells us. You can use it during emergencies. )Don't use a plastic bag or a paper bag. Now that's tacky. When you get to the office, wipe the water off your legs or wash your feet if you can. If not, use antibacterial wipes to clean your feet, legs and shoes. Then just change into your pants. You'll feel so much better knowing you look fabulous while your office mates are trying to get a hold of the dryer.

If you're worried about wrinkling your pants, just make sure to bring light weight pants that are not easily wrinkled, wash and wear types are the best, jeans if you're permitted to wear them. Try to fold them as neatly as you can. If it's something small, you can roll it up and put it in your bag. Just make sure that your skirt is small enough to fit inside your bag should you decide not to bring an eco tote.

Don't wear jeans in the rain. They soak up water real fast and dry up too slow. They're also heavy plus the wet fabric on your legs the whole day plus the aircon won't be good for you. Trust me, you don't want to have arthritis or rheuma. Just change into them when you get to work.

3. Wear appropriate shoes
I wear sandals all the time. I only have one pair of closed shoes and I rarely wear them. Sandals dry faster than closed shoes. Don't wear very high heels and make sure the heels are stable. You don't want to slip on the flooded streets do you? I also refrain from wearing flats because the water will just seep in. A little height is good especially in our puddle muddled streets. I hate getting my feet wet. I immediately wash my feet and dry them when I get in the office.

I also recommend Chesca shoes. They're pretty durable in the rain. I always have mine wet and they're still in good condition. Again, no, this isn't a paid ad for Chesca. I just happen to like that brand.

Change into your office slippers while drying out your shoes. Just make sure to wear the slippers under your table only. Don't let the boss see unless your boss wears slippers in the office too.

4. Wear fab jewelry
The weather's already glum as it is. You should look fab in spite of the dreary streets. Wear your favorite necklace or pile them on to cheer you up. Or wear a statement ring. Anything that will make you radiate. Nothing beats the feeling you get from admiring glances of men (and envious stares from the women). Knowing that you look good in the rain gives you an instant boost of confidence.

5. Smile
Don't be grumpy so early in the morning. I know it's hard to keep your cool when you're battling the rain and the commuting crowd but starting your day right makes a whole lot of difference. Try to be cheerful and answer those good mornings you get from people in the streets. You look great, remember? That's why they're trying to get your attention! Just be wary of perverts. You'll know a sincere greeting when you get one, right?

Number 5 is particularly hard for me to do but I try. I try my very best. I try to smile in spite of the pain that's killing me. I get sick when it's cold.

I hope these simple and practical tips will help you get motivated to go to work in spite of the crazy weather that we're experiencing nowadays. Ciao!

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