Sunday, May 3, 2015

OGX Brazilian Keratin Therapy


I had my hair keratin treated late last year. My stylist suggested it because he didn’t want to curl my hair. It’s still very thin due to post-pregnancy changes. I needed to maintain my new hair style so I tried this line from OGX.

These are shampoo, conditioner, oil and treatment. I use the shampoo and conditioner every day. I use the oil before blow drying my hair. As for the treatment, I use it once a week.

I purchased the trial pack first just to make sure that I won’t get an allergic reaction. Luckily, I didn’t! I have these in full sizes as well. I bring these small ones whenever we travel.



This is a great line that does its job well. I only need to blow dry my hair and it looks like I just went to a salon. I will definitely stick to this line as long as I want to maintain my straight hair.

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