Monday, January 11, 2016

Lucido-L Neat and Keep

It's always a treat for me to visit Watsons, PCX or Mercury Drugstore here because I get to discover a lot of things. If that's a treat, then imagine my delight when I am abroad. I always make it a point to checkout the drugstores and beauty shops to find new products and products that are not available here. One of those products is Lucido-L. I haven't seen this here. I'm not sure if they have this at PCX though. I still have to check. 

I normally use the wax from Bench Fix to tame my unruly baby hairs. The Lucido-L looked pretty (sucker for cute packaging) and it says that it's non-sticky. That's good enough for me. 

I am so happy that I got this because it works so well! It doesn't harden my hair or make it oily/sticky. It feels so natural and it tames those unruly hairs. It's light and it smells nice too. Just a small amount and my hair is all set.  I am looking forward to going back abroad so that I can stock up on this. 

Lucido-L Neat and Keep is available at Watsons Singapore. 

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