Thursday, March 31, 2016

Essence Makeup Review

Hi, everyone! I'm sorry I've been away for so long. I've had many things that needed my utmost attention. It's also the start of summer and my urticaria has come back. I am covered with huge wheals all over. I've seen a dermatologist the other day and was put on meds. I pray that this will work as I don't want to undergo any more tests. If you have chronic urticaria, I'd appreciate some tips and advice.

So, let's talk about these Essence makeup that I got some time ago. My favorite among these is the All About Roses eye shadow palette. The shadows are super pigmented. They last the whole day. They are even better than my Stila palettes and for a fraction of the price! I just use a good primer such as UDPP or the one from Too Faced.

I also like the All About Matt powder. I used it on my sister when I did her makeup for her party. She stayed shine-free for a long time in spite of the heat. I rarely use this on myself as my skin is too dry nowadays.

As for the lipsticks, I hate them. They smell and taste bad. They are very light. You need several swipes to make the colors show. I just hate them. They are cheap for a reason.

I will show you a swatch of the palette when my skin gets better. As for now, you have my word that this is a good piece to put in your affordable makeup kit.

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