Friday, June 26, 2015

Olay Simply Nurture Coconut Milk Wash

Coconut scented products are having a big moment in my life right now. I used to hate coconut scents but it's funny. After giving birth, I was kinda drawn to it. I have no idea why. I guess pregnancy changes you in more ways than one. 

You all know my current favorite shower creams are from Olay. So, imagine my glee when I found this at Rustan's. It even has a free travel sized partner!

This smelled good, very subtle coconut scent. It is also very moisturizing. I think it's even better than the other variants. Probably because it's made with coconut milk. I hope I'll be able to see it again when I need to repurchase. It wasn't there last weekend but I did find another coconut product which I will share with you soon. 

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