Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Pair of Earrings and A Charm

This is what Migraine Boy bought for me on our date - pair of butterfly earrings and a cellphone charm in the shape of a black stiletto with "diamond" studs. Love it! The earrings cost 99.75 while the charm costs 79.75 at the Kid's Department.

This is the brown blouse from HB that I mentioned in my earlier post. The original price is 479.75 and I got it for only 383.60. Just look at that bead detail:

(Darn, crappy camera) The detail is beautiful, trust me.

I also bought a pair of Chesca shoes. I love Chesca shoes because they last for a loooong time even if I use them everyday and they're so comfy! I like the fact that the heels are stable. That's the first thing I look for when buying shoes. I should be able to run in them in case of emergency. Chesca shoes are affordable - P700 and up, 299 and up when they're on sale. It's worth an investment. Just skip a few lattes and you've got a pair of shoes that will last you for years. Not kidding. Mine are more than 2 years old and they're still ok. My mom just asks her "suking sapatero" to change the heels then they're good to go again.

This is a pair of chocolate brown and black sandals. It's very seldom that I wear closed shoes because they don't fit me. After years of figure skating, I think my feet have become weird. Sometimes a size 5 is too big for me, sometimes too small. Speaking of which, I'm selling a pair of my Chesca shoes. It's a black slingback shoe, size 5, worn only twice. I'm selling it because my ankles aren't big enough so the slings keep falling off. My ankle muscles have atrophized a lot because of an injury. I was very active in sports during my teen years. You can check out the shoes at

I also bought this shrug from the SM teens department. It costs only 299.75. It's a grayish lavender shade.

And of course, I didn't forget about MB. I bought him a shirt, also on sale at Bench. He bought the socks.

The polo shirt costs 343.80. Original price is 429.75. Not bad eh? That is why Bench is one of my favorite local brands ever! The socks are 3 for P199.75 at SM.

All the goodies for less than P2500. You have to admit, that's a steal!

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