Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Switch to Swish"

I don't like using mouthwash as they hurt my gums, my tongue, practically my whole mouth! I've tried all those big names plus the one that claims to not have alcohol. I can't remember the name. It was okay at first but then I noticed that it had a really bad after taste. It tasted like chemicals were inside my throat. It got especially bad when I burped. There was even a time when I became so paranoid that I thought that I was sick or something. I stopped using it and the weird taste left but only after a few weeks of stopping. Then came Swish.

It claims to not have alcohol as well but it still stings a little. It's tolerable, don't worry. It doesn't have a weird aftertaste and doesn't taste bad when I burp. It leaves your mouth feeling fresh for hours. Even Migraine Boy likes using it. We now have a bottle at home and one bottle in the office. I will definitely stick to this product. As a matter of fact, I'll be buying another bottle again tomorrow.

A bottle this big costs P77 at Watson's.

Authors Note: This is not a paid advertising by Swish.

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