Monday, August 15, 2011


I love honey! I use it when I cook, bake, I use it as a substitute sweetener (instead of sugar), I use it on my salad dressings and now I use it on my face!

tfs home aesthetic pack, by bitsandtreats

I bought this product in April but I’ve only used it twice. And in both times, I was satisfied.

My schedule is very hectic and when I get home, more often than not, I doze off after removing my makeup. Sometimes I eat dinner at 10. (Sorry, Kitten!) Then I check my mails then shut down the laptop and watch TV just to stop my brain from thinking about the things that I still have to do. The TV serves as my brain’s R&R time then I watch until I fall asleep. So when can I have the time to do these DIY spa treatments? In short, I’m too tired to bother. But I noticed that there were rashes on my cheek the other night. Reason being my period came early. I used this mask hoping that it will prevent the rashes from becoming a full pledged pimple. Oh, I’m so glad it worked!

The first time that I used this mask, I noticed that my rashes dried up a little. Even my pimple dried up a little. My face really felt firm after removing the mask. There was a bit of redness but nothing serious. The redness is due to peeling. This is a peel-off type mask that you leave on your face to dry then carefully peel off the edges. I find it fun to remove the mask. My mom used a lot of these masks when I was a kid and I had so much fun removing them from her face. So naturally, I would be partial to these types of masks.

The smell is a bit like honey, not sweet-smelling of course as this is an aesthetic product. It takes just around 15 minutes to completely dry up as long as you apply a thin layer. I always apply it thinly because I’m scared that too much product would cause a breakout. You’ll know when it’s time because your skin tightens up. Then just carefully peel the mask off. Apply your favorite toner afterwards to remove any excess.The tube says to apply toner before and after application. The first time I used this I applied toner before and after. On the second time, just after.

There are other types of masks at TFS. I got this because it’s the best for my sensitive skin. Let me know if you’ve tried other TFS masks like this.


  1. i had this 'suking parlor'(sorry for my so 80's term) that i was frequenting to before, and they also use honey as part of the facial regimen services. it feels really good afterwards. i never realized that honey can be used that way, i thought it's just an ingredient for iced teas.

  2. Yes John, sarap ng honey sa face!

  3. i wish i had known about this product long time ago when i had full pledged pimples ALL over my freaking face!

    -robots in trouble

  4. I haven't tried TFS masks. :) I like the face masks that you just plaster on the face hehehe. :D

  5. I haven't tried masks from TFS yet, but I saw some with Vitamin A B C E (yung sheet masks). Those were kinda interesting! :>



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