Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hyphen Luxe Shoot

Here are the photos, as promised in my previous post. Here, I used the Revlon PhotoReady liquid foundation and the Fanny Serrano 2-Way Cake. For the colors, I used different palettes – Naked, UD<3 NY, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, etc, etc, etc.

We did different looks according to the clothes/dresses of each collection. Here are some of the looks:

m's girl next door face, by bitsandtreats
M’s girl next door look

c's romantic look, by bitsandtreats
C’s romantic look (take note, C is super acidic that’s why I used a lighter shade on her)

m's romantic look, by bitsandtreats
M’s romantic look

c's fun look, by bitsandtreats
C’s K-pop look

green goddess, by hyphenluxe
M’s goddess look

c's party girl look, by bitsandtreats
C’s party girl look

m's rebel look, by bitsandtreats
M’s rebel look

So what do you think? After all the heat, sweat and clothes changing, both Revlon and FS products held up. It was a shame because we only had to take a few photos for each look.

So, I really recommend these products if you want to glam up for a special occasion but don’t want to compromise your budget.

Models: C and M
Photos: Kitten
Hair: my best friend Celine
MUA: moi
Stylist: Celine and moi


  1. I love 'em all. But I specially like C's romantic look! Way to go on the makeup!<3

  2. id really love to try FS 2 way cake.saving up for it actually.

  3. my fave is the romantic look~

    will also buy the FS powder as i've watched good reviews about it.

  4. at her age, i love the k pop look, but as she matures, romantic look would be fine for her.

  5. I'm voting for M's girl next door look!



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