Thursday, August 4, 2016

Made the Change

As many of you may very well know, I suffered from depression for a while when my urticaria was active. That's why I didn't blog for a long time.  I couldn't eat well and I certainly couldn't use my regular products. I flared up with every little thing. One of the dermatologists I saw told me to change all my toiletries. So I did. Starting with these three.

I tried organic shampoos before but they made my hair stiff and gave me dandruff so I stopped using them. I was really hesitant to use these products from Jason but I had no choice. 

First time I used them, I was, wow! It's as if I was still using my regular shampoo and conditioner but without the rashes and itchiness after getting out of the shower. These are fragrance free and gluten free, perfect for someone who suffers from chronic allergies. 

I've also made a discovery. I never thought that I was allergic to regular hair care products until I used these two. As far as I can remember, I would always get small, itchy bumps on my neck, back and chest after I took a bath. I didn't give it too much thought as it would eventually go away. When I used the Jason products, it hit me. I was really getting allergic reactions to my usual products. All these years they've gone undetected. 

If you have specific concerns about your hair, these will probably won't do the job. They're just for normal hair. I have to admit that when I was on steroids, these two couldn't keep my hair in place. They just couldn't defeat the mighty steroids. But, I was alright with that for I know this too shall pass. 

I've been using these for months now and I'm pretty happy. I'll talk about the lotion next. 

If you're experiencing some itching after taking a bath, you might want to try going organic or changing your products. You won't lose anything and you'd be doing your body some good. 

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