Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Health and Beauty Finds at Landers

We were finally able to visit Landers over the weekend. It's soooo far from us so I don't think we will be able to go there as often as we'd like. If you're near the store, you are so lucky!

I took a lot of photos and so I am spreading them over my three blogs. I'll put the links after this post so you can see all of them.

Check out my health and beauty finds.

This is a brand of makeup remover that I'm not familiar with. If I remember correctly, this is an organic product. 

They have Biore there as well. I think these are cheaper here than at Watsons or PCX. I stopped using Biore because my skin was reacting to it but if you have normal skin, this is a good makeup remover.

These Swisspers cotton rounds look pretty on the outside. The actual cotton rounds look thick but they are more expensive than what I usually buy at S&R so I passed.

For those who have a tub, this will make for a luxurious bath. 

No more dirty hands with Softsoap! Love this brand. 

I so wanted to get this set but I'm not sure if my skin can handle it. I'm only allowed to use Oilatum or Dove Sensitive. 

Finally, these non-slip hangers will make your closet look soo purty. Don't you just love a uniformed look to your closet?

Have you been to Landers? What did you get?

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