Friday, March 16, 2012

Love & Beauty Palette

I got this palette as part of a gift from my best friend Ahne.

This is how it looks brand new

I’ve been using this palette since my birthday. I took this out of town and literally road tested it. I was really surprised with this palette. I was expecting it to be so-so because it’s from Forever 21 but it turned out really good.

The colors last the whole day with a good primer. I’ve never used this without a primer, by the way. I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I’ve used all the colors and it doesn’t matter if it’s light or dark. They both last and the pigmentation is the same. The light colors are shimmer while the dark ones are matte. 

I only have a problem with the pink shadow on the upper right. It became like this:


See the center? The texture is different. I don’t know what happened. Maybe my brush still had some brush cleaner in it when I swiped that color. Anyway, the pigments are bigger now and I have to flatten them out to apply them properly. In spite of this, the pigments don’t hurt my eyes unlike the UD shadows.


There is considerable fall out so make sure that you tap the brush to get rid of the excess shadow.  To sum it up, I’ll give this palette a 6/10. I’ll review the other cosmetics included in this kit soon.


  1. I have a Love & Beauty palette too pero dupe sya ng UD Naked. Yung nangyari sa pink eyeshadow mo, it happened to one of my Rimmel Palettes. Weird. :s

  2. All the colors are pretty wearable..I love a palette that I can used most of it so that it won't go to waste...I think the downside is the packaging is a little light and less sturdy. But overall, if the price is acceptable I would consider purchasing it..Thanks for the review..^_^~

    1. i agree with the packaging thing but this set is on sale at 50% off, I think. so it's not so bad.



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