Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Goody Favorites

I have been using Goody hair products since I was a kid. My grandmother in the US used to send me tons of Goody clips, barrettes and scrunchies. That’s when Goody was not yet widely available here. Eventually, Goody found its way to Filipino hearts and now we can enjoy a lot of Goody’s best sellers. Here are my current favorites:


My most favorite ones are the spin pins (not in the photo). They are the products that I use often because I just had my hair cut and the other hair accessories are for longer hair.  I will have my chance to use the others soon.By the way, if you have super thick hair, I wouldn’t recommend the Pony Pouf. My hair became thinner due to steroids and the clip still won’t hold my hair. I was able to use it once but on my second attempt, I just couldn’t close the darn clip. I asked MB for help and he, too, failed.

Here’s what I bought the other day:


I’ve been buying another cheaper brand of wide-toothed comb and in a year, I’ve managed to break 5. I saw this comb and asked the SA if this was durable. She said yes because the material used is Rubbermaid (if I remember correctly). This is pricey at 200+ pesos but if it will last a year or more (like most of my Goody hair tools do) then it’s definitely worth it.  The pack of tiny clamps is also 200+ pesos.

Another all-time favorite are the black hair ties. I buy a bunch and they last me a year. I love that they’re ouchless, snagless and the garter doesn’t wear out fast.

If you’re wondering if this is a sponsored post, well, my answer is no. I just really love Goody.

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