Thursday, August 27, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 4

I started this series because I am burning out from mommy and wife duties. I have been a career woman for most of my life, juggling different jobs at the same time. Today I am a SAHM or stay-at-home mom for all you single ladies out there. It's hard being a mom. I love my son and my husband and I love what I do but there are times when I just need a time out and take care of myself. Because of this, I found myself navigating the aisles of Watsons again and other beauty shops and drugstores. Thus, this series was born. One would not know how hard it is to become a mother until she becomes one so I know many of you moms out there can relate.

Moving on, today, let's talk about Oral Health. After all, a great smile is all part of being beautiful. My favorite Watsons product for oral care are these:

These are the flat dental floss picks. I don't like using just the thread variety. I don't like the feel of floss on my fingers. These picks are just right for me. I like using the flat ones because my teeth are too close to each other that the round ones hurt. This is a result of an influx of wisdom teeth. My dentist got one out but the three remaining need some surgery and I don't have time for that now being a devoted SAHM. Good thing, I have these picks to keep my gums and teeth healthy. 

I use this with Colgate Plax mouthwash which my husband got in Watsons HK. 

Join me again tomorrow for Day 5!

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