Friday, December 23, 2011

Colors that we love

My older sister is a bookworm. She just likes to study. She’s not obsessed with kikay stuff like I am. My cousin R is like my sister. Sure she likes to be pretty but not to the point that she would spend a lot on beauty and fashion stuff. Now R’s younger sister C, is just like me. We are both obsessed with kikay stuff. School’s out so we’ve been hanging out a lot. Last weekend we went to Market, Market! and checked out some stuff at Etude House. She became obsessed with the glitter polish and I told her I have one exactly like the silver one she’s wearing, only it was the Bieber polish in Make U Smile. So when we got back home, I applied China Glaze Ahoy on her nails and topped it off with Make U Smile:


I was wearing China Glaze Lighthouse:



This is what I’m wearing now:


LA Girl Matte Red (available at Hyphen)


We’re going back to Etude to buy the glitter sets. We’ll be sure to post the photos when we do.  Isn’t it great to have a kikay sister?


  1. I love all of them! I like the LA Girl Matte Red the most!

  2. how i wish i'd have a sister.. you're lucky! ^_^

    followed your blog.. :)





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