Sunday, December 4, 2011

Isla Serena EOTD

Sorry, my cam is broken so you’d have to forgive these photos. I couldn’t get the colors to show on either camera phones (mine and MB’s).

blue eotd from isla serena, bitsandtreats

This is the eye makeup that I wore with my outfit in the previous post.

isla serena eotd, bitsandtreats

Here’s the palette:

duwop isla serena, by hyphen
Photo from Duwop
I used this for the base (middle):


And the blues and pink:


This is the second time I’ve used this palette. The first time was a blur, so that doesn’t count.

You have to build the colors. This is not like Urban Decay that you only need one sweep and you’re good to go. But, this has very little fall outs compared to UD. The powder is fine and didn’t irritate my eyes. The color lasted the whole time I was out in the mall (around 5 hours). I think you need to retouch when you reach the 6th or 7th hour. I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance for my primer. This works better on me than UDPP. Then, my T. Le Clerc liquid liner and Shu Uemura mascara.

I haven’t used the lippies on this palette. I will post a review when I do. Next in this series, a review of my Finding Mr. Bright Kit.

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