Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rainy Days and Sundays

Cold weather makes me sick. As in literally. So what better way to cheer myself up than to play dress up!

Harem/pj pants are one of our bestsellers at Hyphen Luxe. At first, I had a hard time styling it. Luckily my best friend A said it might be the print. And it was! I was wearing the wrong prints that’s why they looked awkward on me. So that night, I grabbed 2 pairs from our rack (yeah, I do that a lot) and tried them on when I got home. Here’s the result:


I like this background because the shapes complement the print on my pants. I think I’ll be taking more photos on this spot in the future.


My blouse is a chiffon white blouse also from Hyphen Luxe. Those are my favorite wedges so you’ll be seeing a lot of them in future posts.

harem pants outfit, bitsandtreats
Here’s a breakdown of the accessories:

Hyphen Luxe Owl cuff

Necklace from a fellow bazaarista

The print on my pants

My periwinkle blue purse, a gift from the in-laws in Singapore

I’ve had the necklace and the purse for quite some time now but it’s only today that I got to use them. I’m like that. When I see something I like, I get it even though it won’t fit in my wardrobe because I know, one day, I’ll be able to spot some things that will go well with it. Such is the case of the necklace. The purse, on the other hand, was a gift so I don’t have any controls over it. Blue is not high on my color list but this shade is perfect. It’s not in your face blue, it’s just right and I think it would go well with the new clothes I got from Hyphen Luxe.

Next is a post about my makeup and a review of my Duwop Isla Serena palette.

* for your outfit needs.


  1. Oh my! i wore a skirt with the same fabric to an event! apir!

  2. Oh I love that what a wonderfull fabric used i am looking for a king bird cage

  3. I love it when you dress up...all smiles :)



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