Monday, October 5, 2015

30 Days of Watsons Beauty - Day 28

Happy Monday everyone! Do you have the Monday blues? I don't. I woke up feeling great this morning.

Today is Day 28 of this series and it features this product from Purederm. This is a pore cleansing pad. I really like this product. I used it after I removed my makeup with makeup remover wipes. I scrubbed my face and rinsed with water. I am too OC when it comes to makeup removal so I followed up with Physiogel after.

I thought that I had already removed a lot of makeup but when I looked at this cleansing pad, it still had a lot of foundation on it. My face ended up feeling raw as I got carried away scrubbing. I didn't notice it at first because the pad is soft but it can hurt if you are not careful. Just gently scrub away.

I will buy more of these cleansing pads and stock up as I rarely see them at Watsons.

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