Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All my (makeup) bags are packed… Part 3

Finally, my ever reliable Armani bag where I put all the essentials:


I need to bring cotton pads, cotton buds, facial tissues and a lot of sponges! Did you know that cotton pads are better to use on your face than regular cotton balls? Cotton pads are smoother and more compact so they don’t leave any residue and don’t scratch your face. Cotton balls are the opposite.


Of course, my tool belt and mirror:


And another pouch for other tools:

I originally purchased this pouch for my brushes but since the Muji bag has a brush holder, I opted to put my other tools here.


I actually don’t need a setting spray as it’s going to be a fast, hectic shoot. Makeup will change several times. I just put my Urban Decay All Nighter there so I wouldn’t lose it. This product is awesome and if you’re wondering where to get it, check out Hyphen.


And the last pouch that I will be bringing is my Agness B. which is missing a red chain. I think I lost that somewhere in my room in Singapore… :


Inside are makeup removers:


The two pouches plus the other essentials all fit inside the Armani bag. Whew! I just realized that I need so much stuff! Being a MUA really takes dedication and a huge investment. But for me, it’s all worth it. Seeing the smile on my clients’ faces just makes my day.
Now I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!



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