Monday, June 6, 2011

EOTD: I Got Good Jeans!

I am so enamored with my Wet n Wild palettes that I asked my cousin C to come over so that we can play makeup!

I’m sure most of you girls would be intimated with the colors but they are really wearable! You can wear them on a night out or when you’re going gimmick with your friends on a weekend. 

Here’s the first palette:

wet n wild i got good jeans palette, by bitsantreats

This is I Got Good Jeans. It’s so edgy. I wouldn’t normally wear this combination but I just couldn’t resist it! During the past month, I realized that I love color! Eyeshadows are my favorite type of makeup. I haven’t used this on myself but I will soon.

Here’s the look I did on C:

i got good jeans eotd, by bitsandtrets

This palette is great if you are a beginner because it tells you specifically which color goes where. I sooooo love these palettes that I bought all except for the one neutral palette! I hope Wet n Wild comes up with more palettes like these. They are L-O-V-E!

It's fun to wear colorful makeup every now and then. It perks up your mood and ups your confidence!

These are available at Beauty by SM for only Php299!  I’ll show you the other palettes in the coming days.


  1. Cool! I never knew this combo would look so good. :)

  2. i also have the wet n wild palette in egyptian sands, it is really great for beginners.

  3. Love the look. So wearable! :)

  4. The colors are WOW! Great eye makeup! :)

  5. @Helen: I thought it would look kinda 80's at first but it really worked on my cousin. I'll try to make this work on me as well.

  6. kingking: egyptian sands? whoa, i have to check that out! thanks for the tip kingking!



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