Sunday, June 12, 2011

Angel Kisses

In one of my Haul-over Wednesday posts, I featured 2 Lip & Cheek creams from Etude House. They are Sweetie Angel and Darling Angel:

angel kisses, by bitsandtreats

sweetie angel and darling angel, by bitsandtreats

Here are swatches:

darling angel lip swatch, by bitsandtreats

This is Darling Angel (the one on the right) which is a very light peach, almost nude color. I like using this with heavy eye makeup. It balances the overall look.

This is  Sweetie Angel which, in reality, is a bright pink:

sweetie angel lip swatch, by bitsandtreats

It’s almost like Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink. This is a good pick-me-up lipstick. This is very versatile, in my opinion. You can wear this with neutral eyes or with colorful eyes. Just be careful with the color combination. You don’t want to end up looking like a clown. I once used this with a bright green eyeshadow and thought that I looked like a clown. Haha! So I switched to Darling Angel. But it worked with yellows, pinks, oranges, blues. Well, I guess it really depends on your skin tone because I used this shade on C with a yellow/pink eye look and didn't work. I used the same combination on another person but it surprisingly worked.

The packaging is good, just make sure that you lock it securely before keeping in your makeup kit. The cuteness factor is also a plus.

The formula is moisturizing. I don’t have any complaints even after wearing it the whole day. But make sure that you apply some lip balm first just to be on the safe side. Plus it’s hard to blend the lipstick with very dry lips. The lip balm allows for a smoother application.

It’s very affordable too at Php200+ for a pot and it will last a long time. It’s only available in boutiques though. I haven’t tried using it on my cheeks and I don’t intend on doing so. I like powder blushes better. Stay tuned for the second installment of my giveaway!


  1. I might try this for cheeks. :-) Thanks for the heads up! I love how affordable it is! :-)

  2. Wow! I have to go to Etude house now to buy this!




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