Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good News to All Shoppingeras and Shoppingeros!

MB and I went to Powerplant this evening to unwind. I haven't seen him much since he started his new job. Anyway, there are two super shops that are coming to Powerplant. Are you ready for it? PAYLESS AND MUJI!

I don't really know why I'm excited because I'm not really a fan of Payless shoes anymore and I visited MUJI (which I will write about in a separate post) and I have mixed feelings about it. But I think just seeing something that's not in my city (Makati) to actually be here in a few months makes me all giddy inside. I'd still look around Payless Powerplant when it opens. Hopefully they will have better shoes by then and I will definitely check out MUJI every now and then to get ideas. 

These two shops will be on the third floor. Muji will occupy some of Fully Booked's space while Payless is further down on the right (when your back is facing Fully Booked). I now have more reasons to visit Powerplant!

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