Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Much Needed Break

Sorry I haven’t been blogging. I wasn’t feeling well. I’ve had frequent attacks but nothing to worry about. Because of that, MB and I decided to go on a quick getaway in the city.

This is where we will be staying for the next couple of days:

a.venue living area, by bitsandtreats
Living Area

a.venue dining area, by bitsandtreats
Dining Area

a.venue kitchen, by bitsandtreats

a.venue outside study, by bitsandtreats
Outside study

a.venue bedroom, by bitsandtreats

Poor MB was having migraine attacks and so he conked out the minute he hit the bed. I had to go out and buy food as we haven’t had lunch yet.

This is where I’m blogging now:

a.venue study table, by bitsandtreats
Study table

It opens up to this:

a.venue study table opened, by bitsandtreats

All the tables open up like that. It has a mirror inside.

We haven’t gone far. We’re just at A. Venue Suites. So far, I like it here. I didn’t take a pic of the bathroom as it was ugly. Yeah. It’s tiny and there isn’t enough space for my toiletries. It’s too cramped.

We also don’t have any intentions of eating at the restaurant as we’ve been there and the food was not nice. Maybe they’ve improved but I don’t want to bet my money on it.

Our lunch on the other hand, was from Sicilian. I ordered a Hawaiian Pizza and seafood marinara pasta. The pizza was okay but the pasta was a huge disappointment. Wait, these should be on my other blog – 240 baon + 365 meals! Haha! Well anyway, that’s that. I also got MB one cup of chocolate mint ice cream to make him feel better.

There’s no internet here and I’m using Tatoo. I promise I’ll write some posts and will upload them whenever possible. But I’m pretty sure that there will be regular posts in the coming week. This is a perfect place to blog.

How are you spending your long weekend? 


  1. The place looks pretty nice, I'm surprised that the bathroom is not pretty though, if you didn't post the picture it must be that errr.. not picture worth it huh? hehe.

    How long will you be staying there? There's a Sicilian restaurant at Alphaland but after what you said good thing we haven't eaten there yet. Looking forward for that blog of yours.

    Weekend will be spent at work for me, haha. Do take care E!

  2. yup, not worth the pic. the pasta was terrible but the pizza was okay. we stayed until yesterday. thanks kitten! i'll upload backlog posts na. I couldn't upload when we were there. i had a hard time connecting using tatoo.



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