Friday, October 29, 2010

More on Charm Brushes

First of all, thank you to all the wonderful people who have left tips and comments on my 3-part post about Charm Brushes V2. I would just like to clarify some things for all you newbies (to my blog) out there.

1. I deep clean my brushes every week. For daily cleansing, I use Ellana brush cleaner. I used to use shampoo but I read somewhere that it’s not recommended for brushes so I stopped and started using dishwashing liquid. I’ve had no problems with this method on all my brushes. Plus there’s that Michelle Phan video too.

2. The photos on Part 1 were taken after the initial wash. I should have taken a photo before washing but the brushes already looked like that. I even showed it to my friend in the office (where I received the package) and she too, was disappointed.

3. The brushes were already shedding like crazy even before washing. The worst offender was the dual fibre brush. I can say this because I got the brushes the same day I got my Forever 21 package which included some makeup. I know you need to wash the brushes before you use them but my sister and mom couldn’t wait to try out the new makeup and so I used these brushes. They had brush hair all over their faces.

4. I rarely wash most of my version 2 Charm brushes after the 2nd week of usage/deep cleaning as I don’t use them that often anymore (with the exception of the eye shadow brushes). I always use my wonderful, wonderful Version 1 Charm brushes and my Marionnaud brushes. I think I’ve only used them around 5 times since I got them and I only use them when my other brushes are dirty.

5. The very nice and very beautiful owner of Beauty and Minerals, Sophie (aka the beautynomist), has already contacted me regarding this matter. I appreciate that very much, Sophie. You really know how to take care of  your clients. On another note, why not develop some Charm Brush Cleaner??!! I hope you do, because I will immediately buy! = ) I’m quite excited already just thinking about it.

6. Phoebe gave me a few tips on cleaning my brushes. I will use shampoo to clean my brushes tonight. I will take before and after photos and when my brushes have completely dried. I will write a post about it.

7. I DO NOT HATE Charm Brushes. They are my very first set of makeup brushes and I cherish them dearly.  If they come up with new ones that I like, then I’ll probably purchase again.

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  1. I was surprised to see her comment, which goes to show that she does take care of her clients. I'd have to commend her on that.



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