Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pantene Hair Fall Control

(I will be uploading backlog posts as I couldn’t upload when I was in the hotel, terrible internet connection.)

My Pantene samples arrived a few days before the lovely Kitten posted about hers. Many of you know that I am allergic to Pantene but I couldn’t resist trying again especially with all the hype.

pantene hair fall control shampoo and conditioner, by bitsandtreats

Unfortunately, I’m still allergic to Pantene. I got rashes all over after using this. Well, in spite of that, I was still able to finish these two bottles. I wanted to see some dramatic changes. It might work.

I think Pantene is really best for straight hair. My curly hair became flat and limp. Even with Monea, my hair was still flat. It was manageable, alright, but I want big, poufy hair. Haha! It’s also great for tangles, you don’t have to worry about combing your hair every once in a while if you have straight hair.

As for the hair fall control, I guess since I’m allergic to this product, the hair fall did not improve. I experienced the same amount of hair fall every morning. My mom uses this and I think it works great on her hair.

The scent is still the same but I think it was too much for me after months of not using Pantene.

I’d recommend this product if you are hiyang to Pantene and if you have straight hair. It will work wonders for your straight hair.  


  1. Im also allergic to pantene, I was not able to finish 1 bottle because it gave me rashes on my forehead and hairline. :(

  2. haaay.. i feel for you michelle

  3. That's something new, never heard of people being allergic with shampoo. I hate straight hair, it makes my hair look so limp, I want my hair with volume, haha.

    They say, shampoo takes effect after 6 months pa, too long for me, tried it with the l'oreal, after how many months my hair is not liking it anymore. I tend to change shampoo's 3x in a month.

    As for pantene, I love their total care conditioner.



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