Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Charm Brushes

You can read part 1 here. This is the continuation of my Charm Travel Pro V2 Brushes review.

The next brush is the powder brush:

charm powder brush, by bitsandtreats

I forgot to mention that all the white brushes are scratchy. This brush also sheds especially on the first week of use. It doesn’t shed that much now but the scratchy feeling irritates me. I only use this when my other Charm powder brush is dirty. It’s easy to rinse. I guess the dishwashing liquid does not cling much to the fibers.

charm powder brush closeup, by bitsandtreats

Again, the fibers are all over the place.

charm powder brush top, by bitsandtreats
I can’t get rid of the foundation stain that’s why it’s a bit brownish.

The next brush is my absolute favorite among the lot:

charm concealer brush, by bitsandtreats
Charm Concealer Brush

I use this brush every single day. It doesn’t fail me. It’s not scratchy, it doesn’t bleed and it doesn’t shed. It’s great to use for the under eye area, on the sides of the nose and for pimple scars. It’s kinda hard to rinse though as the concealer gets trapped in between bristles. The Ellana brush cleaner works best with this brush.

charm concealer brush closeup, by bitsandtreats
I really heart this brush!

More brushes to come!


  1. Hola :)

    Back reading, I have a quick tip on cleaning natural haired brushes. I read in this post that you're using dishwashing liquid. IMHO and experience as a seasonal makeup artist, it's the worst cleanser out there because it does make natural hair go bad. :( Even my MAC and shu uemura brushes HATE dishwashing liquid. I naturally tried this myself when I first heard about this tip and my oh my...NEVER AGAIN! :s

    My top pick in terms of brush cleaning's got to be Cinema Secrets -- the fastest and most effective out there that's best used during fashion shows due to the high alcohol content. MAC is very good in terms of stain removal plus you can dilute it in water (1:3 ratio max). In a pinch and boy I use this a lot whenever deep cleansing my babies, I love love love Sunsilk shampoo in green cause it's resurrected a lot of my bad brushes (which I thought were duds, turns out they weren't just washed correctly).

    Hope this helps and if all else fails, you might want to get in touch with Sophie to discuss the condition of your brushes after cleansing. :)

  2. Hi Phoebe! Thanks for reading my blog. Did I ever mention that I'm in love with your blog? And yeah, I was really starstruck when I saw you at Go Greek. Haha!

    I used to use shampoo before but I read in another blog that shampoo is not recommended for cleaning brushes. Plus, there's Michelle Phan's video. Now I'm confused! haha!

    I will check out that one from Cinema Secrets and MAC and I will definitely try Sunsilk green asap!

    Sophie has already left a comment in my other post. Thank you so much for your tips!



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