Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Haul Post–The Face Shop

Do you like haul posts? I do! It’s exciting for me to see shopping bags and of course, the stuff inside them whenever I read blogs. I don’t think it’s yabang or showing off. I think it’s quite informative as I can see what’s out there, what’s new and more often than not, the cost of a product. Isn’t it frustrating to see something you like online and then when you get to the actual store, you’re disappointed because you can’t afford it? I’ve had my share of those.

I bought a few things from The Face Shop on Friday night. I was down on stocks and so I had to replenish them.

the face shop haul, by bitsandtreats
The Face Shop Haul

I bought my favorite cotton swabs, 3 for Php75. The original price is Php45 per pack. These are the best cotton swabs for me. I only buy them when they’re all bundled up. It helps me to be gentle when cleaning my ears. The wooden handle will break if there’s too much pressure. My friend P, a guy, used to break these things when cleaning his ears. He learned to be more careful because of these especially when he had some ear infection because of too much cleaning.

I also bought my favorite makeup base in lavender and a white nail polish for my nail stamp art. The makeup base is around Php399 and the polish is Php95

The Mung Bean Facial Foam is something new that I’m trying. I’m almost done with My Etude House facial wash (which still needs a decent review). I will post a review about this soon. It costs around Php234-Php295.

If you’re a blogger and a reader of this blog, I’d like to see some of your haul posts! You can leave a link on the comments. Happy shopping!

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  1. The lavender make-up base looks intriguing, thanks for posting the prices as well. I'm hoping I can go hauling this payday.



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