Monday, June 3, 2013

Beauty News: Is it the End for Avon?

Photo from Avon Philippines

Avon has been a part of Filipinas for many generations. The company has been very successful in the country, to say the least but rumors are buzzing in the US that they are about to close.

According to 24/7 Wall St., the brand may be extinct by the end of the year. Avon ladies are very popular here in the country but in the US, they are a dying breed.

So what’s going on with the company? Back in January 2012, the company’s vice chairman was fired due to ongoing investigations about bribery.  After that, they got into trouble with the FDA after some new products in the ANEW line were found to carry claims prohibited by FDA guidelines.  In December, Avon announced that they were planning to cut 1,500 jobs worldwide and will be pulling out of Vietnam and South Korea. Those are our neighbors, are we next?

I, personally won’t be affected if Avon pulls out from the PH. Sure, I had a good run with them but last year I found most of their products disappointing. I don’t like the quality of their makeup anymore. I focused on other items such as accessories. They were great in the beginning but the prices have become too steep for me. I would rather invest in, say, a good brand of bag that costs about the same than buy one from them.

Will you be affected if Avon pulls out of the PH?


  1. That's very saddening if it were to happen. I used to buy from Avon a lot before. But it has been a year since I last did. I guess I won't be affected much anymore. It's just a disappointing thing that a classic brand will die just like that from poor management. Oh well. :P

  2. I haven't tried any of their products, but it'd be a shame to see them ago as I'm still interested in checking out their makeup!

    1. Hi Ari! Go for the more expensive ones as the cheap ones don't last a long time. My mom complains about their lipsticks' staying power. If you are going to try the eyeshadows, use a good primer to make them last. = )

  3. That's sad news... I grew up using a lot of Avon products because my aunt buys a lot of stuff from them like make-ups, lotions and even bras. But I'm pretty sure I won't be affected if ever the company closes down coz lately I don't think the quality of some products doesn't justify their prices.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I was really surprised with the sudden increase in prices.



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