Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dealing with Rough Skin

I have 3 problem areas that are always dry and rough – my elbows, knees and heels. I think most of you have the same problem as well. It doesn’t help that I had a lot of wounds and bruises when I was a kid in these areas as I was always out playing on the streets. When I got older, I still had a lot of wounds due to my sports. My elbows and knees were really battered and bruised. 

I’d like to share with you what I do to get rid of rough skin.


I always apply lotion right after I take a bath. I have no particular lotion for my elbows. I just apply whatever body lotion I’m using at the moment.

beautyous blushing nectarine body lotion, bitsandtreats

I also scrub them twice a week. I use this:

lulur with seaweed extract and vit e, bitsandtreats

After washing my hands, I apply lotion to my hands and elbows. I don’t forget this step. Last year, I had really rough, patchy elbows and I made sure to apply lotion throughout the day after washing my hands. This is my current hand lotion:

body treats perfumed hand cream, bitsandtreats

If you like resting your elbows on your desk, avoid this practice as much as possible. If you can’t help yourself, be sure to place a cardigan or jacket to make the surface softer, smoother and easier on your elbows.


This is a huge problem of mine! I rarely wear closed shoes because I just can’t find the right size for my feet so I always buy sandals and wedges. Back when I was still out and about, my feet would be exposed to the elements so at night, my heels would be super dry and calloused. Even the lines became very deep. Aside from that, dirt seeps into these lines which can be hard to remove even if I scrub a lot.

What I do is I scrub twice a week using this:

watsons soothing foot scrub, bitsandtreats

and I apply lotion at night. Now that I’m always at home, I apply lotion after my morning shower. I don’t apply lotion on my feet during the day if I’m going out because my feet become a bit slimy and slippery when I sweat. I don’t do the moisturize and then wear socks thing either because I just can’t sleep with socks on even on very cold nights. This method works for me as long as I regularly do it.

My favorite foot lotion now is this:

bench sweet serendipity, bitsandtreats


I treat my knees the same way I treat my elbows. I scrub them twice a week using the same scrub. I also apply lotion to my knees after applying lotion to my elbows after washing my hands. I use the same hand lotion.  My knees are dark because of bumps, falls and wounds when I was younger so I guess they will stay that way. I don’t think they will become lighter even with whitening products. Oh, well. At least they’re not rough anymore. = )

It’s easy to manage rough skin when I’m just at home. The real challenge comes when I start going out again.

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