Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Body Shop Goodies

The Body Shop was on sale last week and I managed to get a few goodies:

the body shop goodies, bitsandtreats

My Satsuma Oil is about to run out so I got this Olive Oil which my doctor highly recommends. It was on sale.  I also got these two soaps in Strawberry and Mango. I’ve read good reviews about the Strawberry Soap while my SIL recommends the Mango scent.

By the way, I finally found the photo of  the heart cranberry soap that I reviewed a couple of weeks back:

tbs heart cranberry soap, bitsandtreats

It’s a shame that I dropped this but this was the reason why I bought the bar soaps. As you know, I’m not a huge fan of bar soaps but I’m willing to give them a try because of this.

I admit that I am fairly new to the brand’s products. If you have any recommendations as to what I should try, feel free to drop a comment. = )

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