Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Question of the Week

Do you allow your guy to dictate what you wear especially on date nights?

Filipino guys are a different breed. They are very conservative. My husband is no exception. When we first started going out, he did not have an opinion about my outfits. As the relationship went on, he would start asking about my choice of clothing. He would ask, “are you going to wear that out?” or “are you going to wear something underneath (or over) that?”

Some guys like looking at girls who wear sexy outfits but they don’t exactly like it when their girlfriend/wife wears the same thing. Does it have to do something about being possessive? Do they just feel uncomfortable when other men look at their girl?

I wear whatever I want. Sometimes I’m conservative, sometimes I like to wear something sexy (not cheap and slutty). It all depends on the occasion and where we’re going. When I dress sexily, of course I would elicit stares from other men. Any woman would.  My husband would ignore those stares but he will subtly wrap his arm around my waist or my shoulder. Do your guys do that as well? I bet they do!

I read an article in Glamour that featured guys’ “ideal date night outfits”. Here are some of them.

Rag & Bone Spring 2013 RTW

Guys like this because it has a casual vibe to it and the skirt is a bit flirty. The length is also just right. I think local guys would like this also.

Rebecca Taylor Spring 2013 RTW

Western guys like this but I think most of the guys here would say no.

Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2013 RTW

This is another no-no for the local boys. The shorts are just too short.

Jenni Kayne Spring 2013 RTW

This is a yes even for local boys. The long sleeves, high neckline and the length  are just right. Western lads like this outfit because “it gives them a glimpse of how the girl would look like wearing their shirt the morning after”.

Herve Leger by Max Azria Spring 2013 RTW

A bodycon dress is probably one of the most popular choices here. It’s sexy but subtle.

Tibi Spring 2013 RTW

This is also something that guys here would approve of.

Tracy Reese Spring 2013 RTW

Finally, this is another big NO! The cleavage and the legs will just be too much for the Filipino guy.

I buy whatever outfits I like and I wear whatever I like but if it makes my husband uncomfortable, I try to compromise. I want him to enjoy our date and not constantly be annoyed by all the stares from other men. But there are also some days when I feel naughty and want to annoy him so I don’t compromise. = )  I think you ladies do that too. Am I right?

*All photos from Glamour

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