Monday, September 16, 2013

Benefits of Dry Body Brushing/Scrubbing


I’ve always been a fan of body scrubs but I read an article about a month ago about dry body scrubbing/brushing. Apparently, Miranda Kerr and some other celebs are using this method to obtain not only smooth skin but good circulation as well. I have problem skin and I could always improve my circulation so I gave it a try.

First of all, you need a brush with natural fibers. This brush is just from Watsons. It’s not natural at all. Actually, it hurts when I scrub hard so I try to lighten my hand when scrubbing. When I find a natural scrub, I will definitely buy one. If any of you ladies know where I can get one, I would appreciate the help!

I  scrub before I take a shower. Start with your feet working your way towards your heart. Do circular motions. You can also follow it up with your free hand so you can immediately soothe the area that was scrubbed.

Dry body brushing helps combat the effects of fatigue. It can also improve dull skin tone and help your immune system.

The lymphatic system does not have its own pump so it relies on muscle contraction and massage to flow efficiently. Body brushing helps with this process.

Tips to remember

*Do not scrub hard! Use light pressures instead. I got overexcited on my first try and I ended up with sore skin.

*You don’t have to spend a long time brushing. Just do this a few minutes before or after your day/night shower. You can rejuvenate your sleepy skin after a long day’s work.

*Keep your brush close to the shower so that you won’t forget. I kept mine in my room so I often forgot until I put it in the bathroom near my toiletries.

*Don’t forget to clean your brush after each use!

I have been dry body brushing for a few weeks now (on and off). There are some days that I forget or I skip it because I’m in a hurry. But I can definitely say that my skin has improved. This method together with a good lotion really helped me. I also don’t feel too sore during the day which means that my circulation has improved. Although I do a lot of chores, work and take care of my baby, I still feel that I need some good exercise. Right now, I still can’t because my body is still healing. Dry body brushing helps me in that area. It’s something that I recommend for busy moms, housewives and working women to look and feel great even after a long day.

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