Thursday, September 19, 2013

Physiogel Facial Wash


So I wanted an alternative facial wash because the TFS one is expensive and cousin C is now also using it. TFS was okay back when it was just my husband and I using it because it lasted a long time but now that there’s a third user, I have to think about my budget. This cleanser is more affordable. This bottle is just a little over Php100. I got it at Mercury Glorietta. I told myself that if it worked, I will buy the jumbo size which only costs Php800+.

We used this for 2 weeks. The first week was great but I felt that it was too gentle for my skin condition. I felt that my skin was not clean enough. Like squeaky clean which I feel after I use the TFS cleanser. It feels like there’s a mask on my face after I use this.

I started to develop pimples on the second week. Cousin C did too and so did MB. I knew from that moment on that this wouldn’t work out for us.

This is a liquid cleanser. I have to use a larger amount (compared to TFS) to completely clean my face. It rinses out easily. It has a mild scent. This is really good for very sensitive skin. I have very sensitive skin but I’m also getting older and I just gave birth so my hormones are out of whack so I guess those are just some of the reasons why this did not work for me. My son is enjoying the benefits of the lotion and cream though.

So we finished the bottle and went back to TFS.

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