Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Best Facial Cleanser Ever

That’s my opinion. I have tried different cleansers from The Face Shop and other brands and this turned out to be the best. It helped keep my breakouts at bay. I breakout when my period is near. With this cleanser, the pimples only last for 2-3 days then they shrink and dry out. I also use The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil in conjunction with this.

I have a new cleanser and it kinda sucks. I tried it because it also has tea tree oil, an ingredient that seems to go well with my skin. My period has been long over but my breakouts are still very visible even with the use of TBS Tea Tree Oil and Clinique’s acne gel.

This Acne Solution Foam Cleansing is expensive at Php600+ but is totally worth it. It’s cheaper than Clinique’s facial wash which I used before. My friend Kitten is scandalized (for lack of a better humorous term) with the prices of my things and so I am in search for cheaper alternatives. It’s doing me a lot of good, alright.

I will buy this again once my cleanser hits pan.

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