Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I love haul posts! I love looking at photos of what kikay girls shop for. I’m more interested in beauty hauls than fashion hauls. Here’s one that I made last weekend.

haul, bitsandtreats
Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow, TFS Emery Board, TFS Eyebrow Shavers

There’s a missing facial cleanser in the photo. It’s already in the bathroom and I’m too lazy to take a photo of it. I will probably post it here when it runs out. I’ll make a review of it at the same time.

Love the packaging of the Baby Lips. I haven’t opened it yet. Will also make a review after I finish the product. I think reviews are more credible that way.

It’s been so long since I last went crazy shopping. I’ve only been buying toiletries and groceries. Must be because I own a clothes/accessories/cosmetics shop so I get all my stuff there. I have too much makeup already and my goal is to finish at least one palette before I go and buy another one. I love palettes. I get to buy different products at an affordable price.

Can you sense the boredom in my post? It’s a lazy, cloudy Wednesday afternoon and I’m down with the cold. I hope you gals are having a better day.

*I’ve decided to go back to blogging. It won’t be regular but at least I’ll be there. 


  1. Hope you get better from that cold. I wish I own my own makeup shop too. I think I have too much makeup already but I can't keep myself from buying. Haha! :P

    1. thanks! i guess i'm just too busy and that takes my mind off shopping. = )



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